Product Marketing as an Explosive Growth Trigger

Product Marketing is an important part of any company’s go to market approach.  But what does it look like in an organization that wants explosive growth?

Diego Lomanto, VP of Product Marketing at UiPath, joined us on the Unleash Possible Podcast to share his unique views on the role of product marketing.  His company, UiPath, helps companies automate tedious repetitive processes freeing up people to do more creative work. Once ahead of the product life cycle curve, this kind of automation has now “crossed the chasm.” They are experiencing explosive growth and at the time of their recent Series C funding, their valuation had tripled in just a few months.

Diego believes that the framework they use for their product marketing department, which has grown rapidly along with the company, is a significant factor in their success. His framework contains 7 pillars, which Diego graciously shared with us in detail, along with his additional thoughts about how to staff the roles appropriately.

Be sure to listen to the end where I ask Diego how the role of product launches has changed with the introduction of more fluid, agile development processes.

Many thanks to Diego for sharing his words of wisdom! Join the conversation here.