Join the Good Enough Club, Get More Done

Over the past 12 months businesses across the country have been trying to do more with less. Fewer employees, less incoming revenue, increased competitive pressure. During this time, most professionals I know went back to basics exclaiming sentiments like “we can’t predict when the economy will rebound, hunker down”; “revenues have declined, cut costs and

Stop, Drop and Focus

Sitting in my office this afternoon I realized I was on a conference call, checking my email and responding to an instant message all simultaneously. I was the picture of multi-tasking perfection. Admit it, you too have juggled your fair share of opposing tasks. Talking on your cell phone, commuting to work, while scribbling yourself

There Is No Such Thing As a Sales Cycle

There is no such thing as a sales cycle. For all you marketing professionals focused on helping your sales counterparts develop tools to “shorten the sales cycle”, you’re focused on the wrong things. Customers have a buying process, and even the best sales processes can’t change it. If you really want to help your sales

Thank You Mrs. Ambrogi

My mother sent an email (yes, I am one of those daughters who is too busy to call her mom during the week). In the note she was letting me know that she’d scheduled lunch with a family friend from out of town. That friend is Kathi Ambrogi. An involuntary smile crossed my face immediately.

Marketing Lessons From the Brown-Coakley Contest

Martha Coakley lost her Senate race for one simple reason – she didn’t inspire loyalty & passion. Full disclosure, I am a registered Democrat, and so are many of my friends and family. But I also know many Independents and Republicans. During the short run of the Massachusetts special election, Scott Brown supporters displayed aggressive

2010: Try Something New, Acceptance

I admit it, in year’s past my new year’s resolutions have been quite cliche. Exercise more, eat less, get control of my credit card debt. While important goals, I was destined to fail at each of them because I treated them like an annual mission, rather than lifestyle choices that needed to seep into my

Productivity Tips From a Closet Insomniac

If you’ve ever suffered from bouts of insomnia you’d know how much wasted energy is spent trying to fall back to sleep. Making mental lists, warming milk, tossing & turning, staring at the ceiling. And my personal favorite, watching the clock, telling yourself if I just fall asleep now I can get 3 hours of

The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Cheer

During the holiday season its traditional for marketing departments in organizations of all types to thank their customers. Unfortunately, these gestures are often thinly veiled attempts to generate near term business. If you really want to make an impression that builds your customer relationships your recognition must be sincere. DON’T fall into these common traps

5 Ways to Show Your Gratitude – No Check Book Required

It’s hard to believe but the 2009 holiday season has arrived. The evidence is everywhere. Dozens of catalogs & online coupons arrive tempting even the most prudent of shoppers. The smells of special holiday treats waft from bakeries near and far. And the sounds of jingling bells can be heard from Salvation Army donation bins

Stop Presenting, Teach

Earlier this week I was asked to present for 20 minutes about marketing programs to support specific sales efforts. I pulled data to support my hypotheses, prepared four visuals and practiced telling my 20 minute story. I felt on solid ground. 30 minutes before my presentation, the group moderator whispered – “we’re ahead of schedule,