What are your holiday gifting plans?

Congratulations! You made it past Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to start thinking about your holiday gifting program. The holidays are the perfect time to show your community how much you appreciate their support. In this video I share three approaches.  Free ways to send greetings, charitable donations and personalized gifts. Remember, it’s not about how

Unleash Possible: A Marketing Playbook That Drives Sales

It all started one year ago at a dinner hosted by Katie, Apparao Karri and Megan Tonzi during Marketing Profs B2B Forum. That night I sat down between two amazing writers, Carlos Hidalgo and Ardath Albee, and we talked books, marketing strategy and helping businesses grow. It was just the push I needed to start

Is your business differentiated? Test yourself against these attributes

Every week I talk with business leaders about growing their business. While every business is unique, you’d be shocked how often their differentiation sounds like it comes from the same company. They are scalable, innovative and action oriented. Blah! Their product or service may be all of those things, but none of it is differentiating.

The C-Suite Doesn’t Care About Your Product

Last week a client and I were chatting over steamy hot chocolate and scones (yes, I have the best meetings) when suddenly she turned very serious. I could see her body tense as she asked “How can we get to the C-suite? Our executive team is very frustrated CIOs don’t want to meet with us. We

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Recipe for B2B Marketing

  There is something a little addictive about Taylor Swift’s music. I’m a little embarrassed to admit but Shake It Off makes me shake it every time. But it’s not her music that has me admiring Taylor Swift. Taylor stands out because of her ability to touch fans. And believe it or not, every marketer,

3 Examples That Prove Giving Back Is Good Marketing

  As Thanksgiving draws near marketers are scrambling to find ways to thank their loyal customers in memorable ways. While holiday giving is certainly encouraged, charitable initiatives shouldn’t be relegated to the holidays. These three examples were socially shared by my friends and prove that being charitable marketing is relevant all year round.     Why it’s great: