The Best Ideas Come From Stillness

My yoga instructor Alice, while distracting the class from the most painful hip opener — oops, we don’t have pain in yoga we have intense sensation — said  ” The greatest yoga masters are not those who can contort their bodies into pretzels or hold themselves up by one finger, the greatest yogis are those who practice

Liberia Needs Our Help

West Africa has a special place in my heart. I lived in Liberia for almost 5 years and that time has changed the way I see the world, even the way I see myself. It breaks my heart to see the terror which strikes the region as a result of the Ebola crisis. Those who

The Easiest Way to Gain Confidence…

Last night I taught a class to a small group of young women visiting from Japan. After class one woman shyly came up to me and asked a really hard question. “I don’t have much confidence, how do I gain it?” I reminded her that she travelled across the world to be a part of this

Watch Out: Denial Ahead

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day in mid April and I’m almost late for my first meeting. I didn’t sleep late. There was virtually no traffic  as local schools were closed and the kids were all sound asleep requiring no attention. What made me late you ask? I got an unpleasant

Doing the Impossible Is Fun

I don’t know about you but I love doing the impossible.  For me, the impossible comes in all shapes and sizes. From exercising 5 days a week, to introducing a new product no one has ever tried before. And while you won’t catch me traveling across the desert with nothing but a camel and compass,

Center Your Meetings

I’ve been doing yoga for years, but only recently increased the frequency of attending classes. Going from 1 maybe 2 classes a week to a daily practice. The increase in pace is improving my strength and helping me sleep better. But it is also having an unexpected benefit – driving better focus at work. No

Do you lead a YES culture?

Every company has their “no” person. You know them. They are the person you avoid  at all cost. At one of my first jobs our IT manager was known as “Dr.No”. I’m not sure if anyone even knew his real name. No matter what you asked he always said no. Before getting to a yes

Don’t Wait To Have All the Answers To Act. Act and the Answers Will Follow.

I recently attended a conference on leadership. Guest speakers ranged from the founder of Tom’s (shoes) to Leymah Gbowee, nobel peace prize winner. Each speaker had accomplished great things. They had started businesses, written books, raised families, survived medical crisis, negotiated peace or entertained millions. Their stories were all different. Their journeys varied. But no matter