Watch Out – Bad Decision Making Ahead

As a strategic marketing consultant one of the most important things I can offer clients is my advice. Sometimes clients take that advice and other times they don’t. It would be easy to sit back and let advice be ignored. I could shrug my shoulders and move on to the next project. But my self-professed

The Signs of Change

Change is all around us. Some change is in our control – like how we price our products or where we promote our service. But most change happens without our direct guidance. Our employees grow new interests and skills. Our clients evolve their needs and desires. Our competition repositions themselves.  Living in New England its

Follow The Colored Brick Road

When you get locked out of your house what are you going to do? In this case – paint a rainbow. I love this picture (thank you Lisa) because it reminds me how important perspective is to our lives. With simple tools (in this case chalk), some extra time on their hands and a bit

Seize Your Opportunity

On mother’s day this year my 10-year-old made me a card. It had lots of hand drawn pictures, was my favorite color and had a simple note about why he loved me. One small phrase stood out more than all the other usual statements – he called me adventurous! I almost cried. Of course, I

I Am Also Grateful

In the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings I am angry. I am sad. And I am scared. These are the feelings those who attacked want me to feel.  And as much as I’d like to deny them the satisfaction of tapping into our vulnerabilities, I cannot. I am all of those things – angry,

Warning: Distraction Ahead

 It may not look like good news, but for me this mess is a triumph. My dresser will look just as terrible at 6pm as it did at 8 this morning. This wasn’t always the case. I used to find days when I worked at home terribly distracting. Laundry needed to be put away. The

The Toaster Strudel Test

My 10-year-old, Johnny, reached over the breakfast table this morning and asked “Mom, what do you see in this toaster strudel?” Each of our children has a unique personality and approach to the world around them. Johnny is my “creative boy”. That means he tells the best stories, aka lies, but also has a vivid

Visit Your Uncomfortable Zone

I’m a self-confessed type A personality. I like to do things in which I excel. I thrive on well-planned initiatives and tend to take charge when disorder strikes. Several years ago I realized my Type A self had gotten rather comfortable.  So for the past few years I’ve set goals to do something uncomfortable. This