Eleven Twitter Tips For Maximizing Relevant Followers

I had a small but engaged Twitter community I enjoyed, but adding new followers had been neglected and my Twitterverse wasn’t growing. Yet I knew Twitter added value to my business. For example, just prior to attending a conference a blog I promoted in Twitter using the event hashtag introduced me to five people I likely

CM World Here I Come

The countdown is real. Yes, there are a ton of sessions I can’t wait to attend. Yes, there are amazing guest speakers who I’m sure will make me laugh. Yes, there will be a ton of fun swag that will delight my boys upon my homecoming. But those are just bonuses. The real reason I’m

Three Reasons NOT to Automate Your Twitter Marketing

I’ve been using Twitter for more than 5 years and for the most part I use Twitter in the same way as I started – as a listening device and engagement tool. I connect with new people by distributing helpful content, I engage in debate and I find lots of interesting resources others share. Like many

3 Examples That Prove Giving Back Is Good Marketing

  As Thanksgiving draws near marketers are scrambling to find ways to thank their loyal customers in memorable ways. While holiday giving is certainly encouraged, charitable initiatives shouldn’t be relegated to the holidays. These three examples were socially shared by my friends and prove that being charitable marketing is relevant all year round.     Why it’s great:

The Facebook Opportunity Most Businesses Are Missing

I work with a lot of B2B technology companies and as you might expect my social marketing conversations usually start with LinkedIn and Twitter. And for my clients that is certainly where they should begin. The problem is that is where they usually end as well. As brand advocates we’re missing a tremendous opportunity to leverage Facebook.

April Fool’s Is No Joke For Marketers

For the past month my 11-year-old son has been preparing himself for the most epic of April Fool’s Day. That means I better watch everywhere I sit, every morsel I eat and be prepared to giggle at his pending parade of pranks. There’s a slightly terrified part of me but more of me is excited

B2B Social Selling In 30 Minutes A Day

I don’t know if it is spring lurking around the corner, or the fact that Q1 is about to close, but there’s been an awful lot of talk about social selling this week. Throughout the week I’ve heard every excuse in the book for why social selling is “not for me”.  The fact is, whether