April Fool’s Is No Joke For Marketers

For the past month my 11-year-old son has been preparing himself for the most epic of April Fool’s Day. That means I better watch everywhere I sit, every morsel I eat and be prepared to giggle at his pending parade of pranks. There’s a slightly terrified part of me but more of me is excited

B2B Social Selling In 30 Minutes A Day

I don’t know if it is spring lurking around the corner, or the fact that Q1 is about to close, but there’s been an awful lot of talk about social selling this week. Throughout the week I’ve heard every excuse in the book for why social selling is “not for me”.  The fact is, whether

White Birch Weaves A Facebook Tale Worth Reading

Having traveled a lot in my younger years Facebook has become a critical link between my present and my past. I love seeing pictures and reading updates about my friends near and far. I soak up staying connected to family I rarely have the opportunity to visit. But despite my love for this connectedness I

Say Good-bye to Decades of Holiday Shopping Traditions

With Thanksgiving being late this year it feels like all the world is out to compress our holiday shopping into a week-long frenzy of spend, spend, spend. As a mother of four boys I’m grateful for the sales that unfold each day. As a marketer I am fascinated with the change in how businesses of

Put Your Tweets Where Your Seat Is

I’m always advising my clients to make the most of any event they attend through social networking. If it is worth your time it is worth sharing what you learn with your community. Everyone always shakes their head in agreement. Most don’t follow through. The executives I work with are generally great at networking within

Are You A Sociologist?

While at a client’s party someone asked if I had a background in psychology  or sociology. I too quickly said no. I explained that while I had been a peer counselor and minored in ‘formal organizations’ in college, whatever that means, I had no sociology or psychology education. But on reflection I should have answered

Hello Brands, It’s Samantha. Talk to ME

Just this past week Facebook invited me to connect with my friend Bill Clinton and Twitter thought I might enjoy a Lady Gaga Skype concert.  Hmmm, what does that say about my online personality? Those two incidents gave me pause. But after some serious thinking I came to the conclusion those “targeted communications” said more