The Shocking Truth About Mobile Marketing

Over the past three weeks I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with fifteen senior marketing professionals at large business to consumer enterprises.  I asked them to share their mobile marketing initiatives and I learned something bewildering. The ugly truth behind all the hype is that many brands are treating responsive design as their mobile marketing strategy for

It’s OK to Buy A List

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten rather tired of reading resolution blog posts about the dangers of purchasing a list for marketing efforts. Somewhere in our quest to drive inbound marketing we’ve made list purchasing a shameful practice. It’s something that happens in dark corners of the office with hushed tones and hidden

Survey Building 101: Six Common Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

The advent of free on-line survey tools has unleashed a powerful tool for many professionals. Once the cloaked domain of the statistically minded, surveys are now being used for an increasing number of different efforts.  Unfortunately, many professionals have never designed a survey. The user experience drives little traction, or worse yet, the resulting data

5 Habits of Highly Stressed Professionals

We’ve all heard of “spring cleaning”. It’s a time we brave the cobwebs of our closets and finally give away those “if I just lose 15 pounds I can wear them again pants” that have been sitting nicely folded for the past 4 years. It’s the time we rake away the winter blah from our

“Too Much” – My day with IDC

To say the IDC Directions conference ended with a bang would be quite literal. A transformer in the building next door exploded post closing remarks But luckily for me,  the blaze of the fire wasn’t the brightest moment of my day. After listening to many sessions, joining a lunch time roundtable and networking with my peers the entire day can

Forget the boring resume, show your story

After 17 years of marketing experience my traditional resume has gotten rather long. There are five pages of important milestones, interesting job progressions and award winning successes. It has become a really interesting list. BORING! While the list shows the depth of my experience, analytic capabilities and my attention to detail, it does nothing to