New Beginnings

On Oct. 1st I start a new job.

I feel like tomorrow is my first day at a new school. I’ve mapped out my new commute, packed my lunch, and set out my clothes. And although it’s been many years since I actually started a new class I remember the excitement of preparing the night before.

Thankfully, this time the excitement isn’t accompanied by creeping anxiety. My old fears of being the only student who can’t open my locker. Or worse, picturing the taunting I’d receive after I accidentally walked into the boys bathroom, are a thing of the past. I don’t even think about being called on by a teacher and not having the proper response.

Nope, the fear is gone and its replaced by the knowledge that starting something new can bring with it pure joy. Sure, I may get lost on my way to the lunch room. And I’m sure it will take weeks to learn the company’s acronym soup. But after years of doing what I love, I have the confidence to know that’s all part of the fun of learning.