5 Ways to Get the Best of New Employees

I’ve been at my new position for less than a month and already I’m waking up in the middle of the night with brilliant ideas. Truth be told most of those brilliant ideas look pretty silly by the light of morning. None the less I’m fully immersed into my new job – even when I’m sleeping.

It got me thinking. How did the company engage not only my working hour mind, but my heart so quickly? It’s true my background matches the job requirements well and I have the experience and knowledge to hit the ground running. But there is more —

  1. My peers, employees and executive team are nice. I want to do a good job in part because I like the people with whom I work. Every person I’ve reached out to, has not only taken my meeting, they’ve been enthusiastic about it.
  2. How I am to be measured is clearly articulated, and I have the opportunity and authority to define those measurements with my management team.
  3. I’ve been given express permission to make mistakes. The company directly tells you that in your first 90 days we expect mistakes. Because it’s OK to take chances, I’m jumping right into projects, rather than waiting until I feel confident I “know everything”.
  4. Asking questions is not only expected, it’s encouraged. People stop by my office to say hello, and see if I “need anything”. No agenda in mind, they just want to give me an easy opportunity to ask for help.
  5. Perhaps most effective — there is lots of chocolate around the office. I’ve got to love people who need a good afternoon sugar rush!

Was everything in my orientation perfect? No, I still don’t have business cards and the commute is a bear. But that hasn’t slowed down my integration into the new role. Instead, the company has made a conscious effort to establish a work environment for new employees that pulls our heart and soul into the job – from Day 1. Despite the fact that I still have a lot to learn about the organization, they already get my best.

Day 17 – I’m ALL in, and grateful to be there.