Thank You Mrs. Ambrogi

My mother sent an email (yes, I am one of those daughters who is too busy to call her mom during the week). In the note she was letting me know that she’d scheduled lunch with a family friend from out of town. That friend is Kathi Ambrogi. An involuntary smile crossed my face immediately.

Aside from being a very charming woman, and the mother of two boys I used to babysit; Mrs. Ambrogi played a large part in the creation of this blog.

Far away in Monrovia, Liberia, long before anyone blogged or emailed casually, Mrs. Ambrogi was my middle school English teacher. For my younger readers, I assure you this was not the dark ages. But it was decades ago.

Mrs. Ambrogi wasn’t just any English teacher. She taught me that writing was not a chore, but a pleasure. And I learned the good old fashioned way – with encouragement, mentoring and lots of practice.

While my writing journey didn’t end in middle school, it did begin there. To the teacher in all of us – whether you are teaching your kids, inspiring an employee or campaigning for a political cause, Mrs. Ambrogi taught us that you can make a lasting impression.

Here’s to you Mrs. Ambrogi. Thank you for all you have inspired.