Stop, Drop and Focus

Sitting in my office this afternoon I realized I was on a conference call, checking my email and responding to an instant message all simultaneously. I was the picture of multi-tasking perfection. Admit it, you too have juggled your fair share of opposing tasks. Talking on your cell phone, commuting to work, while scribbling yourself a note to call your electrician. Well, maybe not those things, but we all multi-task. No harm done, right? Wrong.

If you are constantly keeping several balls in the air, when do you have time to stop and think. The dirty little secret our busy calendar’s don’t want to enable, is when we stop doing things long enough to think we actually accomplish the most.

We all have to DO things as part of our jobs, home life and family obligations. Many of us use our hectic schedules as an excuse; telling ourselves we don’t have time to stop and think. And yet, it’s when we take a step back and give ourselves moments of calm that we have our most significant thoughts. Whether it’s focusing on an intriguing article, listening carefully to meeting dialog or simply brainstorming on a whiteboard – you must quiet your mind to gain true insight.

Don’t get me wrong. Juggling is a critical skill in our high paced professional lives. But along the way don’t forget to STOP. DROP & FOCUS. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can achieve.