Love what you do and your audience will too

Last night my son’s middle school put on a talent show. There were 30 acts from blasting on the drums, to a unicycle ride across stage. We even were honored to see a skate boarding trumpet act. A wide range of talents were fun to watch and yet one young lady stood out from all the rest. She sang and she danced, and she looked like she was having the time of her life.

The whole night my eye kept coming back to her. It wasn’t because she had the best voice, or the most versitle dance moves. Candidly her talent was mediocre. But you could tell she loved being on stage, and her enthusiasm was literally contagious. The crowd cheered, a little girl in the front row grooved out and everyone around me was smiling while she performed. These weren’t just the polite claps of the crowd.

She reminded me that if you love what you do, so will your audience. Whether it’s a 10 person sales training class you lead, a prospect you are demoing, or coaching your son’s baseball team remember love what you do, and the people around you will too.