“Too Much” – My day with IDC

To say the IDC Directions conference ended with a bang would be quite literal. A transformer in the building next door exploded post closing remarks   http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/03/13/firefighters-battle-4-alarm-blaze-near-back-bay-hilton/ But luckily for me,  the blaze of the fire wasn’t the brightest moment of my day. After listening to many sessions, joining a lunch time roundtable and networking with my peers the entire day can be summed up with “we have too much”.

  • We have too much data – Rick Villas points out storage needs will grow six fold in the next five years and we already spend $2.2 billion on big data infrastructure!
  • We have too many devices – IDC predicts 4.5 BILLION clients will need to be managed by 2015
  • We push too much information – A panel of sales executives unanimously pointed out they can’t keep up with the marketing materials pushed to them
  • We make too many phone calls – IDC analysts recounted IT buyer complaints that they are bombarded with unprepared sales calls that waste time and don’t align to their needs

New technologies, advanced analytics and improved user experiences are going to be the key to helping individuals make the most of this growing onslaught.  We live and work in a world of too much, and it’s here to stay.  Those who learn how to make “too much” digestible will be the big winners. What are you doing to get ready?