Tweet, Tweet Rockin’ the Forrester Sales Enablement Forum

There’s nothing that can replace the experience of attending a conference live and in person. I mean where else can you have Chicken ala Conference Buffet (c’mon you know the one!), stand in line to use the restroom sink, and break in a new pair of freshly minted blisters hot off the show floor hallways. But let’s be honest, all of that discomfort is worth carving off time to address your deepest passions. No where else can you sit down and meet new people at every meal. No where else can you check out dozens of new solutions on a tradeshow floor in a marathon two hour cocktail reception. No where else can you be surrounded by people struggling with and overcoming the same challenges you face every day, who are not only willing but eager to share ideas.

But despite the lure of the conference, the truth is we can’t always attend. That was the case this week for me and the Forrester Sales Enablement Forum. And while I missed the personal engagement, I still managed to learn an awful lot from the event.

1) There is a real lack of sales enablement heros – and guess what, what we want doesn’t count,  it’s what our buyers need that matters

2) 22% of internet time is spent social – no wonder entertaining education (“entercation”) is so important to our buyers

3) We have a LOT of work to do – buyers claim just 19% of vendor sales meetings are well prepared and relevant to them

Thank you hashtag #TSE12.

Lesson learned – Don’t give up your travel budget but if you can’t be there, you can still join them!