Hello Spring

You can tell it is spring time. My neighbor is driving down main street on his 1940s tractor, flowers are blooming in the yard, eyes are watering from the newly formed pollen and the spontaneous porch hang outs are popping up everywhere.

I say bring it on, bugs, cold drinks, runny noses and all! Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your communications, relationships and motivation on the home front and at work.

When was the last time you updated your messaging?

Has the freshness in the air got you thinking of that long-lost client? Get back in touch.

Check in with prospective buyers – have their needs changed with the first quarter behind them?

The winter blah’s can get even the most self-motivated team down. Assess your team’s morale – any cobwebs to wipe away?

Is you son, daughter, niece, neighbor playing their first baseball/softball game of the season? This is the perfect time to re-energize. Step away and enjoy a Little League Baseball game. You’d be amazed how much better the creative juices flow when you’ve turned off for a few  hours.

No matter what your business, to have it blossom takes careful planning, hard work and constant measurement. But it also take a healthy dose of refreshing from time to time. Springtime is a great reminder to stop and take stock of where you  have been, and where you want to go.

The lilacs will be gone before you know it. But if we’re careful, we can relish the scent and refreshed processes for months to come.  And that’s good enough reason for me to welcome spring with open arms.