Operation Enjoy Summer, Increase Productivity

No, I didn’t make a mistake in the title. I looked up a couple of weeks ago and realized August was under foot and the summer was quickly getting away from me. So I gave myself a challenge. Do something to enjoy summer EVERY day. The surprise impact is that I actually improved productivity!

Looking out the window in envy of the beautiful day was not just depressing, it was distracting. The moment I decided to embrace summer in all of its glory each and every day (not just when I was on vacation) something important happened. My smile came back and I became more efficient. Here are a few of the ways I implemented Operation Enjoy Summer.

Embrace the outdoors – I wasn’t afraid to move my office to the beach, the park bench or the outdoor patio at the local coffee shop. Just by being outdoors my energy surged.

Enjoy summer’s bounty – Fresh, succulent summer fruit is one of my favorite indulgences. By throwing away my cafeteria lunch habit and gorging in all that the region has to offer in yummy goodness I got a surprising boost.

Ditch coffee for a cone – Have a coffee meeting scheduled for two? Skip the coffee and suggest a soft serve break instead. Not only will you get outside, but the sugar rush gives you a shot of creativity. At least that’s how I keep justifying the extra calories šŸ™‚

Take a walk – Sometimes you just need to get away from your desk. Taking a walk is a great way to freshen your perspective, and walk off that ice cream cone! Want to be extra motivated, bring along a co-worker. Ā Let the free-flowing thoughts begin.

Drop the guiltĀ – You don’t have to take a big vacation to enjoy some quality non-work time. Summer is a busy time of year for most professionals, but it also a time when people expect you to take days off. Sneak in a few half days to do nothing but play. You’ll return refreshed and ready for new challenge.

Dress casually – When we’re comfortable we think better. And while I don’t recommend you break the formal or informal dress code of your organization, you can stretch the boundaries with comfortable, work appropriate summer wear. Sundresses, capri pants, cute sandals for the ladies, golf shirts and boat shoes for the men. Say it isn’t so, I’ve even been known to go a day or two without makeup! Let the summer glow take center stage. Besides being comfortable, I gain 15 minutes of my morning to organize my day.

Can’t wait to discover what the rest of August holds!


  1. As we use to say in the Sixties,, “Take time to smell the roses.” Good advice!