Put Your Video Where Your Rhetoric Is

You know the old adage – “People by from People”.

Despite advances in self-service business models, SAAS offerings and new communication channels this is as true as ever. Consumers demand high quality service before and after purchase.  And that’s why so many of us talk about our “personal” approach to customer support. After all, our clients want to know we’re going to be there for them after they sign over their check. Our ability, or lack of ability, to support, train and inspire customers can make the difference between your product/service being engaged, and that of your competition.

With this understanding, marketing departments everywhere have created all sorts of  data sheets describing our great support teams, our extensive knowledge bases and our welcoming customer service managers.

I for one am tired of telling people we provide great service. Instead, let’s show them. After all, if there really are talented, responsive, professionals behind your support infrastructure, why not prove it. Throw out that boring data sheet and record your story.

Your video doesn’t have to cost a lot, or take weeks to produce. Simply ask some of your  team to join an on-line web seminar and hit record. No professional production is needed. After all, you want your prospects to fall in love with your team.

Here are some other inexpensive ways to show your support story:

  • Ask support to reach out proactively to clients who are considering purchasing your product
  • Bring support personnel to your next industry event (they like fresh air and meeting customers too!)
  • Add photographs to your out-going email signature
  • Record your next release notes for distribution via video

And just in case you need a little video inspiration – I recorded this for you on my iPhone in less than 90 seconds! [wpvideo 9aAhEBYU]