Three Ways Halloween Can Boost Your Work Brand

Halloween is the one day per year you can eat as much candy as you want because the calories don’t count. OK, so maybe that isn’t true. But that shouldn’t stop us from having some fun.  And if we play our cards right, Halloween fun can boost your reputation at work. Sounds crazy? Keep reading, I promise this post is no trick.

Let Your Clever Out

Your management team and co-workers are always on the look out for creative solutions to every day business challenges. Why not use Halloween to show them just how clever you can be? Instead of buying a costume off the Spirit store shelf, use your clever thinking to design one well suited to the business. I showed up today at a client site with a home-made straight jacket, slightly smeared lipstick and my hair in full, curly poof! On my shirt was the client’s “certification” program logo.

Be Unexpected

Over time your peers get to know your work persona. People start to anticipate your reactions to new information, depend on you for specific tasks, seek you out for advice in certain areas of expertise. This is great! But it can also be limiting. On Halloween you have the perfect opportunity to let your peers see a new and inspiring side of your personality. Check out the costumes on a different part of the business you rarely visit. Bring in a tasty, Halloween inspired treat. Strut your stuff as you show off your Halloween spirit. Or in my case dispense with the Twizzlers that you can always find on my desk and hand out eyeball bubbles and plastic Vampire teeth.

Team Up 

I’ll never forget Halloween at my first “real” job. I was young, fresh out of college and loving my job at a fast growth technology company. I had only been on the job for a few months, and while my immediate peers knew me well, I hadn’t met most of the organization. Halloween was the perfect opportunity to meet new people, and leave a lasting impression. While I worked in the sales/marketing group, I did a lot of work with the contracts/finance team. With a little creative inquiry I found out they were putting together a group costume. Everyone was going to be a character from the Wizard of Oz – they needed a Dorothy. Sure enough my long, brown hair and spunky spirit made it a perfect fit. Many years later I still remember that Halloween. We had a tone of fun and an entirely different part of the organization got to know me better.

May the rest of your day be filled with unexpected treats! In and out of the office.