Unwrap Possible

unwrap possibleDuring the holidays we celebrate the past year and look for inspiration that will drive us through 2013. Nothing fits that need more than Brian Lahan who you see smiling after an October hike in the White Mountains. What you can’t tell from this picture is how much that hike was a triumphant journey. Only a few months before Brian could hardly breathe. His lungs were failing and even just a couple of steps were difficult. As a long time friend I hoped simply for his comfort, knowing recovery would be near impossible. And then something amazing happened. His doctors believed Brian could have much more than just comfort. ┬áThese doctors performed a lung transplant. Today, Brian’s celebrating a new possible of his own – hiking the mountains of New Hampshire. He inspires all around him with good humor and his hard work to stay healthy.

To celebrate the miracles possible in all of our organizations The Marketing Advisory Network made a donation to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation on behalf of our clients and blog readers.

May Brian’s miracle inspire you to unwrap many exciting possibilities this holiday season.

Best wishes for a productive, grateful and inspirational 2013.


  1. Beautiful Story and So Happy For Brian!! Reading this has definitely inspired me to work towards my goals this coming year!! Thank You!