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Locked out of their home this creative family made a rainbow of inspiration

When you get locked out of your house what are you going to do? In this case – paint a rainbow. I love this picture (thank you Lisa) because it reminds me how important perspective is to our lives. With simple tools (in this case chalk), some extra time on their hands and a bit of creativity the front walk way is transformed from a stubborn reminder that this family has been locked out to a rainbow of inspiration. Not to mention as a mother of four boys I can’t help but respect any parent who has sidewalk chalk at the ready!

Just like this family who was temporarily stuck outside there comes a time, or for some many times, when we feel that we’ve been boxed into a corner at work, locked out from moving forward. ┬áCompetitors are breathing down our neck, budgets have been slashed or conflict with our peers is at an all time high. In these times of stress we can react in one of two ways. We shut down and accept the status quo. Or we rise to the occasion and paint a rainbow of new possibility.

As a leader, we want to inspire our teams to do the latter. Looking for new approaches doesn’t promise success, but giving up guarantees failure.

Three factors are necessary to stir things up in times of uncertainty (1) a rally cry and vision for motivating change and inspiring team work (2) permission to experiment and (3) transparent access to the facts. If we can provide our teams with all three you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved.