My Day With Estelle Harris

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 7.00.09 PMI love my work. I engage wildly creative clients who challenge the status quo every day. It’s challenging, rewarding and every once in a while just plain fun.  A few weeks ago I jump started a project that was all three rolled into one memorable adventure.

Estelle Harris of Seinfeld & Toy Story fame agreed to star in ViewDo Labs Practice Safe Collaboration video. You can watch the fruits of our labor here I hope you laugh half as much as we did while filming. It was a day I’ll never forget. But maybe not for the reasons you think.

Yes, it was a personal thrill for me to be working with such a talented actress. It was amazing to hear the script we’d written being read by Estelle.  And we couldn’t help but giggle as she got into full character. But it was the journey that got us to the video shoot and the off camera moments that I will remember most. Estelle reminded me why I started my own consulting practice – for the pure love of my work!

Before meeting Estelle I was introduced to her son, Glen.  He is funny, down to earth and put a smile on my face every time we talked. He worked side by side with my colleagues and I to refine our video script.  After a few weeks of prep we were ready to dig in. I can’t describe the thrill of Estelle reading the script for the first time.  She’s as funny out of character as when she is acting.  She’s one hot ticket!

On the day of the shoot Estelle was a true professional. But she was so much more. She was warm, engaging and full of wonderful stories. I’ll always remember the day we made the video, not because of the production itself, but because I was awed by a self-assured, talented woman who made me feel at complete ease.  We got our job done well, but boy did we have fun doing it.

It’s the lunch-time laughter and the pure joy Estelle has for her job that I’ll always remember.  And it’s what will guide me if I ever get tempted to take any old “job” in the future. My career and my love for my work is worth cherishing every day.

Thank you Estelle for proving that work should be joyous, even when its hard!


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