White Birch Weaves A Facebook Tale Worth Reading

Facebook marketingHaving traveled a lot in my younger years Facebook has become a critical link between my present and my past. I love seeing pictures and reading updates about my friends near and far. I soak up staying connected to family I rarely have the opportunity to visit. But despite my love for this connectedness I generally don’t love company Facebook pages. In fact, I follow only a small handful of company pages. White Birch Books is one of them.

White Birch Books is a charming bookstore in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. From the first time I stepped into the store, three boys in tow, I fell in love. In part because of the gorgeous mountain setting upon which it sits. But equally because you walk in and feel like you are being greeted into someone’s personal library. Staff are gracious, but also leave you to explore at your own pace. My favorite part is the handwritten signs pointing out lovely books I probably would never have stopped to check out on my own. And while it has the full spectrum of best sellers, I find the selection of local authors touching. White Birch Books has become one of our must stop pilgrimages when we visit our cottage in the mountains right along side Conway center’s country store Zeb’s and White Mountain Cupcakery.

One of the reasons we keep going back is that the store stays top of mind via Facebook even when weeks go by between visits. And I stay connected to the page because they do these five things incredibly well.

  • Stay True To Their Character – The White Birch Books Facebook page is full of charming little thoughts that make me feel like I’m tucked up into the mountains surrounded by inspiring stories. There are no abstract, big book store hard selling, massive discounts or closeout sales. Those things I might love about big book stores, but they are not what made me a loyal fan of White Birch. Instead, the Facebook page reflects all the charm and ease of the bookstore itself. What made me fall in love with the physical store, keeps me connected electronically.
  • Conversation Starters Lead – Independent book stores make their money on loyal return Facebook marketing conversation startercustomers.  Those who use Facebook as an advertising platform are missing the unique opportunity the format entails, the opportunity to have a conversation from afar. And White Birch Books nails the conversation starter with questions like the one on your right.  For the record I’m a fall asleep reading kind of book lover!
  • Tickle My Funny Bone – There are many places that I go in my day-to-day life to learn, catch up on news, deal with challenges, Facebook is not one of them. I use Facebook to feel connected to my “village” and to have a little respite. White Birch Books taps into the natural draw of Facebook and isn’t afraid to have a little fun. Putting a smile on my face, reminds me to smile when I think of the store. Doesn’t every retail brand want to bring a smile to your face?
  • Communicate Offers – As much as I value the conversations, I equally appreciate the notice Facebook marketing couponson book signings, weather related closings, book club discussions and discount offers.  And when those offers are wrapped in the unique White Birch Books charm like the one on your left, all the better. Guess where I’m stopping after our ski day next Saturday? Chocolate in hand!
  • Steady Cadence – White Birch Books keeps a steady drumbeat of new content posting 4-6 times a week. The content stays fresh, but is not overwhelming my stream. In fact, they tuck perfectly into Facebook visits feeling like another friend, not a sterile company.

Well done White Birch Books! Yours is one tale I look forward to never-ending.