Doing the Impossible Is Fun


I don’t know about you but I love doing the impossible. ¬†For me, the impossible comes in all shapes and sizes. From exercising 5 days a week, to introducing a new product no one has ever tried before. And while you won’t catch me traveling across the desert with nothing but a camel and compass, the impossible I go after every day is just as rewarding. And a whole lot more fun than the mundane, easily achieved tasks for our daily life.

What makes something impossible?

  • Never been tried before
  • Uncertain of the outcome
  • Active detractors
  • Fierce competition

It is also these characteristics that make the impossible worth stretching to achieve.  Think about the last time achievement you completed. Was it easy? Did everything line up just as you expected? There may be some pleasure in completing the easy task, but what did you learn from easy? What badge of honor can you attribute to the work? Where are the legends upon which you build a brand?

I know when I look back at my greatest accomplishments they come from taking the near impossible, and marking small milestones of possible achievements.

What impossible fun are you going to go after next?

*With gratitude to my friend and fellow marketer, Maribeth Ross, for posting the fortune cookie photo on her Facebook page. Inspiration really does come from anywhere!