B2B Social Selling In 30 Minutes A Day

I don’t know if it is spring lurking around the corner, or the fact that Q1 is about to close, but there’s been an awful lot of talk about social selling this week. Throughout the week I’ve heard every excuse in the book for why social selling is “not for me”.  The fact is, whether it is for you or not, it is for your buyers. So you better buckle up and get ready for the ride.  On a positive note when I break down social selling it turns out most people simple don’t know where to start. And that’s an easy problem to solve.

Why social selling?

According to a study by Aberdeen group social selling increases quota attainment, improves your customer renewal rate and improves forecast accuracy. Those are three VERY good reasons to learn more.

Aberdeen study on social selling

OK, your convinced. Now what is social selling really?  Not surprisingly social selling is really just selling! Social selling breaks down into four key principles:

  1. LEARN: Research your buyers preferences, special interests, challenges and recent accomplishments by finding them in LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ even on Facebook.
  2. EARN CREDIBLITY: Building a strong online reputation will enhance your appeal to potential buyers and partners by showcasing your past success and highlighting your skills.
  3. EXTEND YOUR NETWORK: Who you know does matter. By taking the time to connect with individuals you may rarely, if ever, meet in person you stay connected to a bigger, more effective network.
  4. HELP: By sharing your expertise you become a trusted resource for future needs. Helping comes in all forms and can be as simple as sharing insightful articles, answering a question, or making an introduction.

30 minutes a day is all you need. REALLY

With just 30 minutes a day you can:

  • Increase followers and grow your network (Remember it’s quality not quantity that matters)
  • Drive up engagement/sharing of your content
  • Schedule more discovery meetings
  • Leverage referrals to enhance your reputation and secure additional sales

Dig into the HOW by reading the complementary B2B Social Selling in 30 Minutes A Day: The what, the why and the how Presentation I just posted on Slideshare. http://www.slideshare.net/samanthastone2013/social-selling-in-30-minutes-a-day

Happy networking!