Small things, big impact

 If I look carefully I can find signs of spring all around me. After a long winter in New England I have to work a little harder than usual. The patches of snow are distracting. But the itchy eyes, small buds on the trees, and longer days are dead give-aways that spring has come once again. FINALLY!

With spring also comes the perfect reminder that little things can make a big impact. Think about it. Those flower bulbs wait underground all winter and just the littlest shoot pushes through to create a colorful bounty. Our businesses are very similar. Often, waiting just beneath the surface, is a great idea waiting to be voiced. A small gesture can make a satisfied customer a raving fan. And a hand written thank you note can turn someone’s frustrations totally around.

I saw a sign posted in various social feeds recently that read “If you think you’re too small to make an impact. Try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.”  I wish I knew who to attribute the saying to because it is the perfect analogy! Everything we do has the opportunity to leave an impression. So look out for the opportunities to do big things, but remember, great progress only happens with the support of many small milestones.