2014 Enterprise Social Collaboration Benchmark

Marketers, perhaps more than any other part of the business, know that the key to generating lots of great content is to motivate lots of interesting minds to start writing. That’s why I jumped at the chance to work with ViewDo Labs to conduct the 2014 Enterprise Social Collaboration Benchmark. I often find that the overall cultural adoption and maturity of collaboration within an organization is a leading indicator for how well they will message externally to the market overall.

The survey attracted more than 460 responses from organizations across 20 industries. It should come as no surprise – Collaboration is everywhere. There are signs of a social communications revolution happening all around us. And like all big shifts, there are ups and downs as this new way of working is adopted across organizations of all sizes.

71.06 % of people reported they were meeting or exceeding expectations within their department, but only 50.97% reported the same was true across the entire organization.

enterprise collaboration success






Four findings you can act upon

#1 Invest in a social collaboration tool – Companies who enjoy working with social collaboration tools are far better at meeting or exceeding expectations than those who favor more traditional collaboration tools such as email.

#2 Document specific KPIs – You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Having written KPIs for your social collaboration efforts makes you 2x as likely to exceed expectations as without them.

#3 Make training a priority –  Companies good at collaboration don’t hire employees who are magically gifted communicators. Rather they invest in training, set goals and measure effectiveness regularly.

#4 Write a strategy down  – Those who exceed expectations are almost twice as likely as those just meeting expectations to have a collaboration strategy, and are about three times as likely as those who are below or far below expectations to have a strategy.

You can access a full copy of the  2014 Collaboration Benchmark Report for additional insights and (hopefully) inspiration.