3 Examples That Prove Giving Back Is Good Marketing


As Thanksgiving draws near marketers are scrambling to find ways to thank their loyal customers in memorable ways. While holiday giving is certainly encouraged, charitable initiatives shouldn’t be relegated to the holidays. These three examples were socially shared by my friends and prove that being charitable marketing is relevant all year round.


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Why it’s great: This restaurant breaks the mold by building its entire business on serving good food to their community. By embracing a broader mission they draw in paying customers who want to give back. Best of all, free meals are not a hand out, they are a hand up. Guests who can’t afford a donation are encouraged to help clear dishes.


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Why it’s great: This seemingly small gesture can make all the difference to someone who wants to feel confident in a job interview. Not only is this service easy for the dry cleaner to offer, it leaves a lasting impression that unemployed customers are sure to remember when they land their next job.
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Why it’s great: This September promotion takes advantage of back to school season. And while it rewards teachers, it appeals to anyone who has school aged children.
The fact that all three of these campaigns were shared socially proves that giving back is good (and low-cost) marketing.