CM World Here I Come

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.35.47 AM

The countdown is real.

Yes, there are a ton of sessions I can’t wait to attend.

Yes, there are amazing guest speakers who I’m sure will make me laugh.

Yes, there will be a ton of fun swag that will delight my boys upon my homecoming.

But those are just bonuses. The real reason I’m excited about CMWorld is the intensity of inspiration you can’t get anywhere but at a live event.

I can’t wait to…

Nurture and grow my network. Webseminars are great. I read ferociously. But nothing replaces looking people in the eye and making a personal connection.

Mark Schaefer said it best in The Content Code (which you should read if you care about content marketing) “You need to amass an Alpha Audience – an elite and engaged tribe at the top of the social sharing food chain.” He goes on to point out two VERY critical factors. “(1) The initial audience connections made through social media are weak links that don’t drive action on their own. (2) Building emotional connections and relationships with these weak links can convert them to a loyal strong link Alpha Audience that you can activate.”

Mark elegantly put what I’ve experienced time and again. Nothing beats face time for cementing relationships that drive mutual benefit.

Give away my business cards. I just got a new batch of my business cards and I can’t wait to give them away. Seriously! I love to watch people’s faces when they realize there’s a chocolate surprise waiting for them. You going to CMWorld? Look me up – I might just be able to supply the afternoon pick me up you need.

Business cards chocolate

Explore Cleveland. I like the intimate finds hidden in smaller cities and aside from going to a Cleveland Indians game I haven’t had the chance to explore the city.

Feed off the energy. Perhaps the most important take away will be the extra piece of contagious energy that’s sure to be all around me. I can’t put a label on it  but there is a special surge that lingers for days after attending an event surrounded by your peers.

I hope to see you there. #CMWorld