Higher Conversion Rates With Personas

Companies who exceed revenue and lead goals are 3.4x as likely to segment their database by persona-related fields other than demo/firmagraphic information than those that miss their goals.

It’s no wonder persona discussions are a hot topic amongst marketing teams everywhere.

As we speak, marketers are sitting in conference rooms, drinking diet coke, filling white boards with notes, ideas and strategies for gathering buyer insights. But most are uncertain. Are our personas defined enough to make an impact on our strategic goals? Have we optimized personas in our CRM system? How do we go harness personas to go beyond profile segmentation? Who has time to do all this work?

I have spent many years digging into the nitty gritty behind personas. In this 30 minute presentation I’ll step you through:

  • The difference between profiles and personas
  • The role of qualitative interviews in the persona research process
  • How to map personas in your database for more effective segmentation


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