Is your business differentiated? Test yourself against these attributes

Every week I talk with business leaders about growing their business. While every business is unique, you’d be shocked how often their differentiation sounds like it comes from the same company.

They are scalable, innovative and action oriented. Blah!

Their product or service may be all of those things, but none of it is differentiating. I promise someone else is also those things.

Your true differentiation must be:

  • Unique – What do you do that no one else does? Perhaps what you do is not different, but how you do it is unique? Or maybe it’s who you serve that makes you stand out.
  • Meaningful – Is your unique gift meaningful to your buyers?
  • Credible – Can you prove it?
  • Durable – Will you be able to sustain your differentiation over time?

I challenge you to re-visit your web pages and sales presentations to assess against the above attributes. Be honest with yourself. You may walk away frustrated you can’t easily meet all of the criteria above. You may need to work on messaging, but it is possible you will need to work on adding new capabilities, or tightening your market focus. I promise it’s worth it not to give up because when you have clarity, so too will your buyers.

Rather watch than read? Watch the video to learn more.