MarTech Boston Delivers Community & Insight

Marketing is at a crossroad. A third of marketing budgets are spent on technology, yet we are selecting marketing tools & systems all wrong.

We know this because marketers everywhere are failing to drive robust adoption, using only a fraction of the capabilities they’ve purchased.  In fact, almost half of all marketers say they don’t fully utilize the marketing technology they ALREADY have.

Thankfully, there’s a conference designed for marketing operations, marketing executives and IT professionals who are ready to reverse this trend.  MarTech Boston will be hosted Oct. 2 – 4th and is a must attend event for those looking to maximize their technology investments.

Scott Brinker, founder of the MarTech conference and Boston marketing technology icon, was kind enough to join me for a tea to talk about the 2017 Boston MarTech experience.

The first MarTech was hosted in 2014 right here in Boston. For Scott the October event feels like a homecoming.  After only a couple of minutes you can see why. Although Scott humbly calls MarTech a hobby, his passion for using technology comes through as so much more.

In my experience events take on the character of their founders. Like Scott,  MarTech provides graduate level content designed to address complex needs across organizations of all types. The material is smart, insightful and inspiring.  Scott explains, “Although MarTech participants share a lot in common, each conference takes on a bit of local geographic context. In Boston we’ll focus a bit more on business challenges, possibly organizational alignment, than we did in San Francisco.”

Scott’s goal is always the same, to serve the audience well by fostering a community that can’t be found anywhere else. At MarTech the unvarnished truth about the challenges and opportunities technology provides are discussed in a collaborative environment. Attendees and speakers alike are there to learn, share and explore new possibilities.

You can register for MarTech Boston here.