Looking for Marketing Lessons in Unsuspecting Places

In this episode of the Unleash Possible podcast, Samantha talks with Len Herstein, CEO of Managecamp. Len has a really fascinating background as a longtime marketer because he is also a volunteer Sheriff Deputy.  He has an interesting perspective on key takeaways that have come from his experience blending his two worlds: professional (marketing) and (law enforcement) passion.

In the discussion, Len explains that he’s embraced a philosophy of looking for learnings in places you don’t expect to find them and, he shares some of the learnings gleaned from law enforcement that he’s been successful applying in marketing.

The critical lessons he covers include:

  • complacency kills
  • the advantages of being introspective and aware Look for learnings in places you don’t expect to find them
  • benefits of frequently debriefing successes and failures
  • why and how you should use the OODA loop

It’s clear from our discussion with Len that even though our worlds can often seem unrelated, our experiences teach us lessons and skills that are integral for our overall success. Thanks to Len for sharing his words of wisdom! You can access the podcast with Len Herstein here.