The Brand Impact of a Services Culture

It’s always interesting to hear people’s marketing career stories. This week, on our Unleash Possible Podcast, join us as the charming Judd Marcello, CMO of Cheetah Digital, shares his career story along with his views about the marketing tenets that enable massive growth along the lines that Cheetah Digital has seen.

Judd began his career in sales for B2C brands, moved into marketing, and eventually switched from B2C to B2B. All the while, physically relocating all over the world! Judd shares his rationale on why this was a boon to his career and the benefits that come from a diverse background like his.

His company, Cheetah Digital, was founded in the 90s as Cheetah Mail, an email marketing platform that has since evolved to an impressive cross-channel platform for B2C marketers. They have a very specific way of thinking about the post-sale that has been maintained as a pillar of their culture and Judd explains why they choose to have an 800 person services organization and the implications to the brand and customer loyalty.

Many thanks to Judd for taking time to share his stories and perspective with us. Listen in to Judd’s interview with me here.