Take the pledge: Eliminate The Three Biggest Competitive Insight Blockers

At last year’s Product Marketing Community Boston event Ellie Mirman, CMO Crayon, and I shared a table. We immediately hit it off. She’s smart, focused on growth and curious by nature. In short, my (and your) kind of marketer!

I was thrilled to have an excuse to chat with Ellie again, as we prepared for this week’s product marketing summit.

In our discussion three common competitive bottlenecks had us shaking our heads in unison. We hope you’ll join us as we pledge to do our part to eliminate these common pain points.

  1. Shared drives – where competitive insights go to die – Whether you use slack, a Google drive, SharePoint, Chatter, or any other collaboration tool static insights can be difficult to harness. They are posted in the heat of a competitive battle without context and often are nearly impossible to find when you need them.  The same questions get asked over and over again, because the organization of data never seems to make the top of your priority list. It’s time we made it a priority!
  2. Mine, it’s all mine – OK, so we don’t often see people hoarding competitive information intentionally. But in general, organizations do a pretty terrible job of cross-functional alignment around information collection and dissemination across the business. As product marketers we have to do more than arm sales with battle cards, we have to assist the organization in building sustainable differentiation – across product, service, strategy and of course sales enablement.
  3. Happy ears – This is a big one. We try to tackle every potential competitor and only scratch the surface of what information is out there to be learned. Instead, we have to find the biggest areas of vulnerability and go deep to find meaningful areas of risk and opportunity.

During this week’s Product Marketing Community summit Ellie is going to share her tips for kicking those obstacles out of the way. I can’t wait!

Consider yourself invited! Hurry – only 10 seats left.

If you want more from your competitive information gather I hope you can join us at the Product Marketing Community event in Boston on April 26th where Ellie will be sharing her tips for maximizing competitive output.

Register here and use CODE: SAMANTHAVIP for a discount.

p.s. Looking for a simple competitive message map template to get you started? Look no further. You can download one here.