5 Ways to Get the Best of New Employees

I’ve been at my new position for less than a month and already I’m waking up in the middle of the night with brilliant ideas. Truth be told most of those brilliant ideas look pretty silly by the light of morning. None the less I’m fully immersed into my new job – even when I’m

My New Favorite Apple Recipe

I love fall in New England. The air is crisp, the leaves are colorful and the kids aren’t tired of going to school yet. Every October I take my boys apple picking. It’s our way of welcoming Autumn. And each year I have an idyllic plan. I pick a day the sun will be shining.

New Beginnings

On Oct. 1st I start a new job. I feel like tomorrow is my first day at a new school. I’ve mapped out my new commute, packed my lunch, and set out my clothes. And although it’s been many years since I actually started a new class I remember the excitement of preparing the night

Engaging People, a Natural Instinct?

What is it about a good sales person that makes you want to buy more? Why do some customer service representatives solve your problem but still leave you unsatisfied? How do your children know exactly what button to push? At the end of the day, all of these questions can be answered the same way.

Before You Talk, Think Like a Listener

Last night I watched President Obama address Congress about health insurance reform. It’s a stark contrast to the Woburn Mayoral debate hosted in our local high school earlier in the evening. Yet they both have something important in common. Both forums are putting very personal, emotional issues on the table, trying to solicit support from

Brands: Please Speak to ME

I’ve been intrigued by recent articles guiding marketers on the use of social media tools including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to market their brand. While the advice is not bad, I generally find it uninspiring, common sense practices. So, I decided to run a very unscientific study of my own. During the past several months

Back to Basics: Home Recycling

Note to self, don’t choose the hottest week of the year to organize the entire house. Hot, sticky and surrounded by bags of items to donate, piles of odds and ends awaiting a yard sale, and bags and bags of trash, my seven year old inspired me to go one step further. On a quick

Event Lessons From Outside

Last week TDWI hosted it’s annual San Diego conference, a show I usually attend in full force but missed. If you’re not familiar with The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) and you’re a data warehouse/business intelligence professional you should check them out http://www.tdwi.org/. TDWI is an amazing organization with tremendous membership and talent. They do a

Two Days To Perspective

A friend of the family was kind enough to share their lakeside cottage with us. On Monday night I left work, hit the grocery store, and made the two hour drive to our quiet retreat in the woods. Well, it was quiet before I arrived with three of my boys ages 7, 8 and 10.