Hack My Marketing – Expert Tips for Saving Your Sanity

My sons may have convinced me to watch too many episodes of Hack My Life, but they got me thinking about all the marketing hacks I’ve collected over the years. Finding ways to juggle the demands of a busy marketer’s schedule has always been a challenge. In this article I’ve shared some of my most frequently

In Honor Of Those Who Serve

Memorial Day marks the official start to summer. For those of us in the North East it’s when we first dare to dip our toes into the abundant lakes and ocean. It’s when we open our pools. (For the record, the water is still too cold for any of this but we’re stubborn and ready to rid ourselves of winter’s

April Fool’s Is No Joke For Marketers

For the past month my 11-year-old son has been preparing himself for the most epic of April Fool’s Day. That means I better watch everywhere I sit, every morsel I eat and be prepared to giggle at his pending parade of pranks. There’s a slightly terrified part of me but more of me is excited

I Heart Marketing. Let Me Count the Ways…

I love you marketing. Let me count the ways…. I love it when you show you care.  A thank you note, a well-timed question, a sincere apology, and especially the occasional surprise treat. (Hint, hint Panera Loyalty Program- drop the $2 salad discounts and give me a cookie) I love it when you introduce me

My Day With Estelle Harris

I love my work. I engage wildly creative clients who challenge the status quo every day. It’s challenging, rewarding and every once in a while just plain fun.  A few weeks ago I jump started a project that was all three rolled into one memorable adventure. Estelle Harris of Seinfeld & Toy Story fame agreed

Thank You Mom

I’m a lucky woman. I have four amazing children who are both brilliant and infuriating – often in the same day. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. How did I get here? When I look at my own parenting – full of giggles, cuddle time, dinner conversations, over-reactions, scraped knees, tears and too