The Best Focus Group Isn’t a Focus Group At All

For years focus groups have been a stable of marketing research. There’s nothing like sitting behind one way glass, munching on M&Ms (there is an active conspiracy against healthy eating – every focus group facility has M&Ms you simply can’t resist), watching prospective buyers interact with your products. Combined with survey research, in-depth interviews and

Watch Out: Denial Ahead

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day in mid April and I’m almost late for my first meeting. I didn’t sleep late. There was virtually no traffic  as local schools were closed and the kids were all sound asleep requiring no attention. What made me late you ask? I got an unpleasant

The Most Useless Product Management Question That Everyone Asks

The traditional roles of marketing professionals have blurred much over the past few years. Public relations professionals are being held accountable for demand generation goals. Lead generation specialists are responsible for sales conversions and product management has been embedded into new agile development processes as product owners. Product management has always been responsible for gathering