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This podcast is dedicated to sharing strategies and tactics that drive revenue for B2B companies. You’ll learn from the best sales and marketing leaders in the world as they share the revenue catalysts that create the biggest impact in their organizations.

The Unleash Possible Podcast

Reviews: A Catalyst for Account Based Strategies

Whether you call it ABM, ABE, ABx or any other term du jour, account based go to market strategies are here to stay because they work. Now a proven technique, marketers are looking for ways to scale beyond experimentation to a more foundational way of optimizing success. With the easy wins of being a new approach behind us, marketers looking to scale their account based efforts. In this paper, we explore three ways reviews can play a vital role.

Download: Reviews: A Catalyst for ABM Strategies

Integrated Plan Builder

Coordinating all your marketing tactics across functions takes a lot of patience and strong communication. The Integrated Plan Builder makes it easy to coordinate all the moving parts.

Download: Integrated Plan Builder

Integrated Marketing Framework

Most marketing campaigns change the way a buyer or group of buyers thinks about your product or service. What do you do when you want to change the way an entire industry acts? Integrated marketing goes beyond your offering to move the way an industry acts. This framework will inspire you to think boldly.

Download: Integrated Marketing Framework

Message Map Template

This handy message map will help you document a messaging platform that can be used across your marketing efforts from sales enablement to your website and even analyst presentations.

Download: Message Map Template

ABM Account Brief

The ABM Campaign Account Brief template is a document that helps to pull together all the important information about an account – the contacts, their involvement with your brand, the campaign touches, and the party responsible for each to help gain alignment from all parties involved in your ABM strategy.

Download: ABM Account Brief

Marketing Planning Checklist

Building your marketing plan is not just a budget exercise, it should be a strategic look at your business. This nine-step checklist will keep you focused on a high-impact approach.

Download: Marketing Planning Checklist

Competitive Messaging Matrix

Your marketing message needs to take many things into consideration. How competitors are positioning themselves in the market is an important input. This template will keep you focused on building high-impact messaging.

Download: Competitive Messaging Matrix

Employee Advocacy Impact Study

LinkedIn reports “In an average company, only 3% of employees share company-related content but they are responsible for driving a 30% increase in the content’s total likes, shares, and comments.”   The Marketing Advisory Network set out to find out what’s holding employees back, and more importantly, what can be done to break through the barriers and drive more engagement.

To achieve that goal, we went right to the source – surveying 499 employees from a wide range of organizations.  We found some remarkable truths you’re going to want to explore.

Employee Advocacy Impact Study

B2B Sales & Marketing Collaboration Study

It’s common sense that organizations that rally together around shared goals will drive more efficiency than those where different functions are at odds with each other. Yet, most sales and marketing teams struggle with achieving this ideal. That’s almost terrifying given we know fully integrated companies are more profitable, drive faster growth and make happier customers.

What are we doing wrong? And what are those who have reached the ideal doing differently then most? That’s exactly what we set out to find out in the 2016 B2B Sales & Marketing Collaboration Study where 123 survey respondents gave us a glimpse into their work experiences.

Sales & Marketing Collaboration Study

Content Strategy Template

No matter what study you read having a documented content strategy is a key contributing factor to the success of your content marketing efforts. Knowing you need to build one is the easy part. But what should your content strategy include? Guess no more.

I invite you to use this handy content strategy template to go from thinking about a plan to acting on one. It’s structured as an excel template with several sheets to break down this complex task into digestible chunks.

“I love the Content Strategy Template. It took an overwhelming job and broke it down into manageable tasks.”

Content Strategy Workbook

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Content Marketing Tools Requirements Checklist

As the practice of content marketing matures so too do the tools that make us more efficient, scale faster and enhance our ability to measure. Unfortunately, making sense of all the available options can make your head spin. Avoid making the wrong choice by carefully building a list of selection requirements using this vendor selection checklist.

Not sure who to evaluate? Contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

Content Marketing Tools Requirements Checklist

Everything You Need to Produce Insightful Personas

To be effective your personas have to go beyond demographic information like title and education level. Including organizational goals & priorities, drivers and motivators, fears and challenges and buying process information are equally important to applying what you learn to day to day business operations.

Read the Buyer Insights Benchmark Study to identify additional advice and a clear roadmap for creating and using personas to meet, and even exceed, revenue and lead goals.

Leverage the Ultimate Guide to Conducting Insightful Persona Interviews for a step by step guide to qualitative persona research.

Prioritize your next persona investments with the Persona Optimization Framework

Benchmark Study: Understanding Buyers, 2016
Persona Interview Guide
Persona Optimization Framework

Account Based Marketing Pilot Checklist

Are you considering an Account Based Marketing Program? Download this handy checklist to make sure you have all the essential program elements covered.

ABM Pilot Checklist