The Marketing Advisory Network brings together strategic planning with hands-on expertise to unleash the possible in your organization.


The Marketing Advisory Network is not an agency, we’re a strategic partner with one focus – your success. We bring together strategic thinking with hands-on expertise to drive action and revenue growth. We help you better understand buyers, align sales & marketing around high impact objectives and build sales tools your team will actually use and buyers will value.

Our services include:



It doesn’t matter what you sell, if your buyers don’t understand the value proposition on their terms it will be difficult to gain traction. We build messaging & positioning frameworks that become the foundation for all your communications. This includes message testing services where applicable.


Are you considering expanding into a new market segment? Is a competitor impacting your deal win rate? Maybe your personas are out of date? The Marketing Advisory Network provides a range of research capabilities including primary interview based research, public information searches, surveys, win/loss calls and competitive messaging comparisons.


Every sales tool we build starts with the buyer, and takes into account your sales team’s skills, past successes and work processes. We can help you build pain maps, presentations, talk tracks, datasheets, case studies, and more.


Your buyers are good at their job, but not always great a building a business case for your solution. Our champion kits give buyers everything they need to help the organization make an informed decision and justify an investment in your offering.


The first step in any content strategy is mapping the buyer’s journey and conducting a content audit against buyer needs. We help organizations do just that, and then fill the gaps. But sometimes you already know what you want to create and you’re only looking for expert content development, and we’re here for that too. We’ve got the experience to tackle complex writing needs, presentations, video scripts, and more.


Bringing a new solution to market requires cross functional alignment and careful task management. It’s a slow, challenging task no matter how well intentioned your team. Sometimes an outside hand is needed to make all the pieces fit together in a timely manner. We’ve helped dozens of new products go from idea to launch using our proven AIM-READY-SELL approach, eliminating much of the stress common with new product introductions.


Pre-revenue offerings often struggle to fund expensive, experienced marketing talent. But let’s face it, introducing a new product to market, securing additional funding, and finding those first customers isn’t easy. The Marketing Advisory Network provides strategic guidance and hands-on execution capabilities that ensure your product/solution gets the attention it deserves without the long-term commitment to costly staffing.


There is nothing more important to marketing’s relationship with sales than helping them find and close business. We offer a variety of content creation, nurturing strategies and planning services to help you unleash hidden revenue potential.


Account Based Marketing is the talk of the marketing world. The truth is, ABM can have tremendous impact on a business, but it is challenging to get right. Our ABM programs include all the elements to execute ABM well, from target account selection all the way through to program strategy to help you leverage ABM and present highly relevant, unique messages that engage your target accounts and drive revenue.


With thousands of solutions from cloud based offerings to customized on-site deployments the search for the right sales and marketing tools can be a time consuming process. The Marketing Advisory Network can take the complexity out of your search by building a requirements document, narrowing down your choices and facilitating demos for all interested parties within your organization.


Your email marketing programs are only as good as the audience you have acquired. We offer a wide range of database building services from building a target buyer profile to recommending qualified contact lists to coordinating third party contact validation and profile building.


Sometimes you have plenty of talented staff and a clear direction, but a skills gap is stopping you from executing with precision. Our educational classes and mentoring services are customized for your unique needs. All are designed to get your team on the fast path to independent success.

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We offer flexible, modular programs that can be used to fill a short term skills gap or as part of an on-going subscription service. Clients can select from a wide range of service offerings to meet the unique needs of the organization.

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At the Marketing Advisory Network we have one goal – your success. This handy overview summarizes the variety of services we offer.

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