What are your holiday gifting plans?

Congratulations! You made it past Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to start thinking about your holiday gifting program. The holidays are the perfect time to show your community how much you appreciate their support. In this video I share three approaches.  Free ways to send greetings, charitable donations and personalized gifts. Remember, it’s not about how

Is your business differentiated? Test yourself against these attributes

Every week I talk with business leaders about growing their business. While every business is unique, you’d be shocked how often their differentiation sounds like it comes from the same company. They are scalable, innovative and action oriented. Blah! Their product or service may be all of those things, but none of it is differentiating.

Are You A Sociologist?

While at a client’s party someone asked if I had a background in psychology  or sociology. I too quickly said no. I explained that while I had been a peer counselor and minored in ‘formal organizations’ in college, whatever that means, I had no sociology or psychology education. But on reflection I should have answered

Case Study: Nurturing Shaved 54 Days Off The Buying Cycle

Picture it: A small town outside Boston, MA early 2012.  (Yes, I’m channeling Sophia from the Golden Girls for those 90s sitcom addicted peers). A B2B technology company had just hired me to complete an audit of their lead generation efforts. They are strong users of SalesForce.com so the database was rich with information. Their prospective