“Samantha is the definition of a true professional. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Samantha for 2+ years now and I know I can always rely on her to bring a new level of creativity to any situation. While her true passion is marketing, Samantha brings much more to the table when working with organizations. She has the ability to assist in departmental alignment; working with Sales, Support, Product Management, and Engineering(among others) she is able to outline a clear foundation and plan for driving products and messaging to the target market. Most importantly, I can always turn to her for honest advice/feedback. Her ability to analyze a certain situation is second to none and while I might not always like what I hear, I know she is truly pushing my Sales organization to new levels. Regardless of where our paths might take us, I look forward to always having Samantha as a sounding board for sound advice and couldn’t ask for more in a business partner!”

Derek Lessard
Regional Vice President of Sales-East Region at Metalogix Software

“If you want to get something done, give it to Samantha! She has such a diverse set of marketing skills, capabilities, and expertise and she’s fun to work with. I have relied on her at two companies now and will likely hire her again in the future. She brings great insight to the table and focuses on driving results. As a senior level executive, she acts not only as a marketing asset, but as a true business partner. I highly, highly recommend her — she’s one of the best marketers I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with!”

people-claudineClaudine Bianchi
Chief Marketing Officer ViewDo Labs

“Samantha has a stellar track record of success leading marketing within companies of all sizes, making her a fantastic go-to resource for thought leadership in the world of marketing and demand generation. She has been an invaluable participant in speaking engagements, panels, and byline contributions, as she brings actionable insight and industry perspective. I love working with Samantha and hope to have the opportunity to do so again and again in my career!”

people-katie-martellKatie Martell
Boston-Based Marketer, Colors Outside the Lines

“I had worked with Samantha twice before, at Netezza and Dataupia, and when ParElastic needed a person who would help with specific marketing activities I had confidence in Samantha. She is a high-energy person who gets things done, and works well in a team.”

people-amrith-kumarAmrith Kumar
Founder and CTO – Parelatic

“Samantha provided a great strategic plan with detailed steps to achieve. It is my expectation we will continue to work with Samantha in the near (and distant future). She provided a valuable unbiased look at our business and made some great suggestions”

people-matt-stalder-liMatthew Stalder
Vice President North America

 – DocsCorp

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Samantha in her role as facilitator and consultant. Samantha was well prepared, having taken the time to understand our products, positioning and the product market overall, She guided our discussion through a series of discovery steps which helped us identify and understand the gaps, and then provided concise information about next steps. Highly recommended!”

people-bill-lipnerBill Lipner
Information Lifecycle Management Expert

“Samantha is a shot of adrenaline to any organization across the board. Her expertise allows her to work well with executive teams and inspire everyone within an organization to succeed. Samantha can deliver and drive teams to new levels by adding creativity, motivation and hard work at every level. If you are looking to add A+ talent to a marketing team, Samantha is the first hire I would go with.”

people-nick-fasanoNick Fasano
Regional Vice President of Sales – Axceler

“Maribeth is a numbers-driven marketing guru. She turned NetProspex’s demand-generation program 180 degrees around, sent opens and conversions through the roof, and beat her revenue commitments quarter after quarter.

Maribeth is the first person I would seek out if I needed to turbo-charge my marketing. I hope I get the chance to work with her again soon.”

Bruce McCarthy
Author, Speaker, Founder at Product Culture

“Maribeth is one of the most effective marketing executives I have ever met. She has tremendous ability to understand the market needs and is very good at identifying the trends. Her analytical & data driven approach makes it very easy to understand the market opportunities and work towards capturing them. She has lots of positive energy, very inspiring presence and always willing to mentor and coach people around her. ”

Apparao B Karri
Entrepreneur, Product Leader

“Maribeth is a bright shining star in the galaxy of digital marketing executives. She ‘gets’ digital strategy and execution better than about any VP of Marketing that I have had the pleasure of working with. She uses her deep expertise in Buyer Persona development to create responsive strategies that allow marketing to succeed in this new buyer-driven era. Messaging & Strategy Development? Check. Executive Speaker? Check. Content Creation Framework? Check. Web Strategy? Check. People Leadership? Check. Lead-to-Sale Sirius Waterfall Development? Check. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. She is a fabulous marketing talent!”

Ellen Valentine
Partner at Marketing Action Network, Researcher at Buyer Persona Institute, Owner and Head Designer at Saxley

“Maribeth is a dynamic, energetic marketing leader who just naturally knows how to straddle the fence between strategy & execution. She has the vision for what needs to be done and how to make it happen. I have loved working with Maribeth and find her to be full of innovative ideas and an invaluable resource of expertise in the marketing technology space. Maribeth is incredibly capable and I have been repeatedly impressed by her considerable business acumen. She is definitely an inspiration to me and those around her.”

Anna Talerico
Co-Founder at Beacon9. SaaS, sales, customer success and company culture.

“Maribeth is a brilliant marketer, with a thorough understanding of the MarTech landscape. She has a rare ability to turn market feedback and pull into concepts and go-to-market strategy, with a clear action plan to drive both top of funnel pipeline and bottom of funnel revenue. ”

Mark Servati
Vice President, North American Sales at Monetate, Inc.